One summer I answered a London Evening Standard small ad seeking footmen to work during the grouse season at a shooting lodge in Perthshire, Scotland. We were two footmen and a butler. Servants observed a strict heirarchy: housemaids worked mostly upstairs, our job was downstairs. At staff dinners, the butler and housekeeper sat at either end of a long table. No disrespect was allowed. Footmen were expected to wear livery on their duties, which were traditional: serving meals from early morning, washing up, polishing shoes, taking grouse for plucking. Farleyer took up to 14 visitors at a time for six days' shooting on its own moors.  
One evening, before dinner, I hid my camera behind the curtains. Later, while serving, I fired just one frame (below) with my foot, using a long air release hidden under the carpet.

A shoot on Rannoch Moor


Mr Nap gonging for dinner

Dinner at Farleyer

A Shooting Party

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